Yo, Drake — need a roommate? The “Fake Love” star just gave mans an exciting look into his house. And let us tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. We mean, a guy who goes by “Champagne Papi” on social media definitely isn’t slumming it, you know?

In the video, he’s watching basketball, listening to hip-hop, and just being… Drake. His crib is decked out in the nicest furniture and we’d really love to see it in person (wink, wink). Watch the video below to see the amazing house!

Obviously, his fans were super excited that he shared this inside look into where he lives. One fan noted all the clothes and shoes in his house writing, “Smh I thought my mans was at a store.” Understandable mistake. Another wrote, “That spot is hella nice. Cant lie. It’s motivation.”

It really is. And honestly, congrats to him because after working his way up from Jimmy from Degrassi to Drizzy Drake… he deserves all of his success. And all of his sneakers.