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The Google Arts & Culture App’s Face Match Feature Is Going Viral for the Best (Worst) Reason!

Need to kill some time this long weekend? Look no further than Google's Arts & Culture app, which allows you to upload a selfie and find your museum doppelgänger. While it sounds like the perfect way to plan your next vacation (who doesn't want to see their historical twin IRL), the face match technology definitely needs some work.

However, that is not stopping celebs from posting their results on social media — and it's seriously the best thing you will see on the Internet right now. "Guys, this app is DEAD ON," Kristen Bell captioned her side-by-side matches from the app, which included August Mann's portrait by John Pettie.

Surprisingly, that isn't the worst results we saw on the world wide web. Fuller House star Andrea Barber also had some fun with the app — and she got a 30 percent match with a painting of Albert Einstein. "Historical art just doesn’t have enough Gibbler-Style," she hilariously wrote. Celebs weren't the only ones teasing Google for its "so bad it's good" face matches.

"I’ve taken like 20 selfies with the Google Arts & Culture app and gotten this horrifying guy as my top result EVERY SINGLE TIME, who do I sue," one user tweeted before another added, "I tried messing with the Google Arts & Culture app and it owned me incredibly hard." It's no surprise the app is currently the No. 1 free app on the iTunes charts.

So, how do you use the Google Arts & Culture app?

It's pretty simple. Just download the app from the Apple or Google Play store, and scroll down until you see the option to find your portrait in a museum. Once you click, "Get Started," you will be prompted to take a selfie, which will allow Google to pull up the best results. You can then share your matches with all your friends.

And once you finish laughing, don't stop exploring the other features. The app also curates the top cultural stories of the week and shows you what museums are nearby, along with times and admission costs. Not too shabby. Keep scrolling below to see more ~uncanny~ celebrity museum doppelgängers below!