Gwen Stefani is in hot water with her former hairstylist.

The 47-year-old singer is reportedly being sued by Richard Morrill for $25 million. The former stylist is alleging that Gwen stole the lyrics for her 2014 hit, “Spark the Fire.” He’s also going after her collaborator, Pharrell Williams, for not “supervising Stefani” while writing the song, E! News reports.

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The court documents detail that Richard played his song, “Who’s Got My Lightah,” to Gwen in 1998 and later gave her a copy of the tune he recorded with his band L.A.P.D. However, he now claims the mother-of-three used the chorus he wrote.

Not only does Richard state that the melody and rhythm of “Spark the Fire” is identical to his, he notes that the chorus shares similar lyrics and the same key as his tune.

The original chorus includes lyrics, “Who’s got my lightah,” while Gwen sings, “Who got the lighter, let’s spark the fire,” echoing the same pronunciation of fire as “fi-yah.”

Richard is now asking for compensation to account for the profits the pair “enjoyed at his expense” and is demanding the singers pay for any and all “corrective advertising necessary due to harm to the exclusivity of the copyright and other misleading aspects…” the site reports.

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The news comes after a whirlwind year for Gwen. Not long after announcing her split from ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, the star began to date fellow Voice judge Blake Shelton.

Now, with a legal battle to kick off 2017, she could be facing a serious payout. Listen to “Spark the Fire” below.