The nostalgia is *too real* right now. On Tuesday, April 2, Hailey Baldwin took to Instagram to ask her fans a very serious question. “So anyone remember these?” the model, 21, captioned a photo of 1999’s biggest musical innovator — HitClips!

To be honest, if you don’t remember HitClips, you should really see yourself out. However, we understand that it’s been nearly 20 years, so we’ll give a brief overview. Basically, HitClips were a precursor to the iPod … except way, way, way less impressive. You popped in a little cartridge that resembled a cassette tape and were blessed with exactly one minute of whatever hit song you were listening to.

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In the instance of Hailey’s post, her HitClips snapshot includes “It’s Gonna Be Me” by ‘NSync and “Stronger” by Britney Spears. Solid choices, girl. Of course, Hailey’s followers — including some fellow celebs — were flooded with all the throwback feels. “Do I have a pulse?!?!” Miley Cyrus commented, along with a coffin emoji. Kendall Jenner hit the post with a like, while Hailey’s sister, Alaia Baldwin, wrote, “Remember we would sneak buying songs?”

Unfortunately, some of Hailey’s fans are too young to appreciate the beauty of HitClips and decided to troll her walk down memory lane. “I don’t even think I was alive when these were a thing,” one wrote. “OMG I’ve never seen one of these in real life,” another echoed. Well, Generation Z, not to be harsh, but … sucks to suck. Kidding, y’all were born with iPhones in your hands. You win.

Miley Cyrus Instagram Comment

Anyway, thanks for throwback, Hailey! Now that you and hubby Justin Bieber are thinking about starting a family, perhaps you can share all these glorious ‘90s memories with your future kiddos.

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