Hank Baskett was willing to do anything to save his marriage to Kendra Wilkinson— even if it meant giving her permission to sleep with other men!

The former NFL star revealed on The Steve Harvey Show that following his cheating scandal two years ago, he encouraged the former Playboy bunny to explore her options.

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“No one will treat [Kendra] or understand [her] like I do,” the 33-year-old athlete explained. “I was like, ‘You go on out, and me and the kids will still be here. So you can make your decision. I’ll be here comfortable. Go play around if you want.’”

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Kendra and Hank with their kids, Hank IV, 6, and Alijah, 23 months.

The Kendra on Top stars, who have two children together, have been very vocal about their marital ups and downs after Hank was caught having an affair with a transgender model, even appearing on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

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But, Kendra, 30, didn’t take him up on the offer. “We’re through it now. Nothing ever happened physically. Like nothing even crossed the line …” she revealed.

Watch part of the very candid interview below: