Though things ended abruptly for Bachelor star Peter Weber and final pick Hannah Ann Sluss, she still considers the 28-year-old’s mom, Barbara Weber, “a second mother.” The 23-year-old told Bachelor Nation favorite Nick Viall she hadn’t spoken to the pilot’s mother since the show ended, but holds her in high esteem.

“It’s crazy because I had the breakup with Peter that I had to grieve and move on from, but also Barb, because I just, I adored her,” the brunette beauty said during the March 25 episode of Nick’s “The Viall Files” podcast. “She’s just such a good person and [someone] I consider almost a second mother to me. But moving on from that, I knew I just had to isolate myself from anyone close with him so I could focus on moving forward, which is hard.”

When Barb gave her first post-show interview to Life & Style exclusively, she was adamant about only speaking positively about the Tennessee native, so it’s clear they had a connection. “I don’t want to say anything about Hannah Ann because it’s not relevant anymore. It’s not the important thing right now to talk about,” the 62-year-old said. “I wish her the best in life because I think she’s a lovely girl and I only wish the very best for her, but that’s the past.”

If you saw Peter’s After the Final Rose special, you know Barbara was definitely Team Hannah Ann when it came to who her son ended up with — despite the fact that he ultimately decided to pursue his connection with runner-up Madison Prewett.

“She never ever mentioned how sorry she was to Hannah Ann for what had happened,” Barb said of the way things went down. “I just found that to be very telling that she never even apologized to Hannah Ann. You know, Hannah Ann was hurt, of course, but she never even apologized to her.”

At the end of the day, it seems as though Hannah and the Havana, Cuba native would have been one of the best in-law teams out there — and Barb wished it could have happened. “I would have wanted him to,” she told Life & Style of wishing her son would have stayed with Hannah. “The most important thing that we want for our children is their happiness. I just want his happiness, but at the same time, you know — this is funny, all these questions — You know what? We can say ‘Que Sera Sera.'”