We’ve already fallen in love with Peter Weber’s family during his hometown date on The Bachelorette, where we met his mom, Barbara, his father, Peter Sr., and his younger brother, Jack. Now, we get to see them a bit more on the upcoming season of The Bachelor, which premieres on Monday, January 6. Keep scrolling to learn more about the Webers.

His Dad Is Also a Pilot

The 28-year-old’s father is also a pilot and actually met his wife through his line of work. “My dad was a pilot as well. My mom was a flight attendant, and she was on his flight one time. He was walking back to the cockpit, and he walked past her, and she just saw his butt. And she goes to her friend, she’s like, ‘That’s the guy I’m gonna marry,’” Peter previously said.

While the reality star has been working for Delta Airlines since 2018, it looks like Peter’s dad has been flying a 787 for United Airlines. “When there’s too many seat options on your dad’s shiny new 787,” he wrote on Instagram in June 2018.

Peter Weber With His Dad on the Plane
Courtesy of Peter Weber/Instagram

His Mom Was a Pageant Queen

Go, Barbara! “You know, my mom was Miss Illinois,” Peter told Hannah Brown during their time on The Bachelorette. “Yeah, she was a pageant queen.” At the time, she was one of the 51 contestants who tried to win the Miss World-America Crown and a $10,000 prize from Merle Norman Cosmetics. However, Miss North Carolina ended up taking home the money and title. Now, Barbara works as a real estate agent for Keller Williams Realty in California.

Barbara was born in Havana, Cuba, and her son is very excited to highlight his family’s heritage on the show. “You see a lot of my Cuban roots come out from probably the first episode,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “There’s definitely a theme of the whole Hispanic side throughout the show, I’m not gonna lie. It’s cool. And I love that.”

His Brother Went to UCLA

Peter’s sibling attended UCLA for college. “So proud of my little brother for graduating from his dream school, UCLA! Can’t wait to fly your private jet one day!” he wrote after graduation in June 2017. Now, Jack — a.k.a Jettin Jack on Instagram — is also a pilot. For now, it seems like Jack is off the market though as he frequently posts with his girlfriend all over the ‘gram.

Peter Still Lives at Home

Despite being on TV, Peter still lives at home with his parents. However, there’s an explanation as to why, and it makes sense. “First of all, we are a very, very close family. Very close. We’re basically one. We support each other in every which way, and we’re each other’s best friends, not just parents,” Barbara said on the “Bachelor Party” podcast. She also explained that it’s normal for children to live with their parents until they get married in Cuban culture. “In old time Cuba, the kids would be at home. It was one big happy family,” she said.

Barbara also continued to note that due to Peter’s hectic schedule, he’s better off shacking up with his folks for now. “[Peter] works four days a week. Then he has four days off, and he goes with his friends away, like they take a little mini-vacation wherever. And then he comes back, and he goes right back to work,” she explained. “So is that really smart to be paying a lot of money, monthly, until you can buy a house? He can buy a house tomorrow if he wanted it. Responsibly, he can do it, but I’m just looking for the right place for him when we do decide that he’s going to take that step.”

Luckily, since Peter is so close with his parents, they don’t mind when he has a sleepover. “I’ve brought girls home, and it’s not weird,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “The next morning, I’ll wake up and the girl is making breakfast with my mom, and they’re chatting it up. I know it’s not normal.”

Peter Weber With His Dog and Family by the Christmas Tree
Courtesy of Peter Weber/Instagram

We can’t wait for Peter to find the love of his life! He just needs to make sure that his fam approves first.