Ah, memories. Bachelorette star Hannah Brown poked fun at Peter Weber after discovering a windmill Christmas ornament that she got in the Netherlands while filming the reality show — including their steamy overnight date. The starlet confessed that the trinket had a more innocent meaning before she confessed to having sex with the pilot four timesin a windmill.

“Some of the ornaments I got while traveling as the Bachelorette,” the 25-year-old captioned a video on her Instagram Story on December 1. “At the time, I thought the windmill would be a memento of my time in the Netherlands. Nope.”

Some others that she collected over her time on the show included a rugby ball — which could be from the group date where contestant Luke Parker was under scrutiny because Luke Stone thought he purposefully slammed his head into the ground. Another ornament looked to be a lobster on a treasure chest that definitely conjured up memories of her adorable one-on-one date lobster fishing with Tyler Cameron.

Hannah Brown Holds Peter Weber's Hand During Bachelorette Finale She Sends Him Well Wishes After Accident
ABC/John Fleenor

Of course, the Dancing With the Stars winner and her ex Peter, 28, have gotten a lot of attention recently after teasers for the new season of The Bachelor seemingly show the pilot asking her to rejoin the cast. “What I’m about to say is extremely crazy. What would you say if I asked you to come be part of the house?” he can be seen saying to the Alabama beauty as they sat very close to each other on a couch while he rubbed her back during a conversation.

Although season 24 has already warned viewers to “expect turbulence,” Hannah returning to rekindle her flame with Peter may be more complicated, a source dished exclusively to Life & Style.

Peter Weber Seemingly Asks Hannah Brown to Rejoin Bachelor Cast

“Once the show was over, there was interest expressed from her, and he just said, ‘I’m not going to !’” the source explained about the reality pair. “Peter was heartbroken when Hannah let him go. Her coming on The Bachelor would .”

Time will tell what unfolds between the exes, but the California stud confessed to that he’s ready for romance, despite still having residual feelings for Hannah. “I fell in love with her and I’ve been moving on. I don’t know if I’ll completely lose all that love in my heart for her and I kind of hope I don’t because that will show me what I had was true and it was real,” he said during an interview on September 18. “But, I’m ready to move on and I’m ready to find my girl. And, I’m very hopeful this is going to work out.”

Good luck!