It’s week 4, y’all! Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is here for love and she won’t stop until she finds it. Some contestants like Tyler C. and Jed started forming really strong relationships with the Alabama beauty while others couldn’t quite keep up. See all the details about the Monday, June 3, episode below.

No contestants were sent home during week 4 because the episode ended on a cliffhanger right before the rose ceremony. However, there was plenty of drama to make up for it.

Hannah Brown the bachelorette week 4 recap contestants who went home

The episode kicked off when Jed received a coveted one-on-one date. He and Hannah spent the day exploring the city of Boston. Needless to say, the two definitely have chemistry. “Hannah is beautiful inside and out, which is so important,” Jed gushed about the former beauty queen and added that he loved that they could both just be themselves.

After taking in the sights, they hung out on the basketball court with Boston Celtics stars Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown. They had a blast and Hannah admitted to the NBA ballers, “Jed is awesome. We have so much fun together. He’s very comforting and funny.”

Hannah Brown Jed bachelorette contestant one on one date boston celtics

During the evening portion of their date, Jed shocking admitted that he originally came on the show to further his music career. “Every moment that we’ve had has kind of taken that all away. Now more, than anything, I want to be with you,” he explained while adding that he’s “falling” for her. Hannah responded, “I value your honesty. I’m catching feels and I’m super excited.”

The group rugby date brought nothing but drama. The guys were split up into two groups: MikeKevinConnorDylan, Luke S. and Garrett were on the green team. The blue team featured PeterJohn Paul Jones, Luke P.GrantMatteo and Devin.

“It’s about to get bloody,” Luke P. announced before group date. He got in an altercation with Luke S. on the field that stirred up a big fight between the Florida native and the rest of the contestants. Hannah gathered info from all the guys that made her question her feelings for Luke P.

Luke P. bachelorette contestant week 4 drama

Unfortunately, the date ended with her more confused than ever. She was a ball of emotions the next day before her one-on-one date with Tyler C. “I don’t want to see anybody because I’m just not alright today,” she said through tears before the male model arrived. He turned out to be the perfect companion because he was able to comfort her and they ended up having a great time. He received a rose.

Tyler C. Hannah Brown bachelorette one on one date spoilers

The drama kicked back up between Luke P. and some of the guys during the rose ceremony. “You are aggressive. You are abnormally violent … You are a psychopath,” Mike said to Luke P. because he felt as though the former football player was being manipulative.

Luke S. had another conversation with Hannah to try and clear the air. However, he was very put off that she couldn’t quite trust him because Luke P. claimed that he was promoting his tequila business. Although Luke P. later admitted to the guys that he wasn’t being honest when he said that, he told Hannah that Luke S. asked him “to put in a good word” for him.

Hannah Brown Luke S. Luke P. bachelorette week 4 cliffhanger episode who went home

There was a lot of back and forth and Hannah spent a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of it. The episode ended on a cliffhanger of Hannah, Luke P. and Luke S. sitting down together to sort through the drama.

It looks like we might get a glimpse of Hannah Beast next week!