Just because Paris Hilton is being soooooo extra about her recent engagement to actor Chris Zylka, doesn’t mean she hasn’t done this all before! The hotel heiress/entrepreneur/actress/designer has actually had two fiancés in the past. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

The year 2002 was big for Paris. She was cast in her first leading role in the straight-to-video horror movie Nine Lives, but she also got engaged for the first time! Paris’ hunky model boyfriend Jason Shaw popped the question, and she seemed thrilled — but unfortunately, it didn’t last long. They ended up calling off the nuptials in early 2003, which was probably a good thing considering that Paris was only 22 years old at the time, and still in the midst of her party phase.

paris hilton jason shaw, getty

Paris and Jason.

So, what happened to Jason? After a successful career as an IMG model, he’s taken to flipping houses in LA. In 2012, he bought a dilapidated Hollywood Hills home and turned it into a masterpiece. “I saw this house and thought this is exactly what I’m looking for — a house that needs a lot of work,” he told the Zillow Blog. “Not to be cliché, but I really wanted to do it.” Oh, and spoiler alert, he’s still super hot.

jason shaw, youtube

Jason Shaw now.

After dating Rick Solomon (the guy she made her sex tape with) and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, Paris got engaged once again in 2005. In May, her Greek shipping heir beau Paris Latsis proposed, and we obsessed over the couple until they split in October of that year.

Nowadays, boy Paris mostly keeps to himself, and is still living that low-key billionaire lifestyle. On top of being a film producer, he’s been dating Georgian singer Tamta since August 2015, so maybe he’ll be getting down on one knee again soon.

paris hilton and latsis, getty

Paris and Paris.

Paris had several other boyfriends during her partying days: Stavros Niarchos, Good Charlotte singer Benji Madden, The Hills star Doug Reinhardt, Las Vegas nightclub owner Cy Waits, and Spanish model River Viiperi. However, she appeared to take a break from dating starting in 2012, until she got with Thomas Gross in 2015. After splitting a year later, she moved on with Chris.

But just because her other relationships didn’t work out doesn’t mean this one won’t! As a matter of fact, we think Paris has finally found “The One.” First of all, they’re older and wiser (Paris is 36 and Chris is 32). They also had a very long courtship, with “years and years of flirting” after first meeting in 2010. They made things official in February 2017, and Chris waited almost a full year to propose. And he appears to be all in, considering he got a tattoo of Paris’ name on his arm!

Don’t believe us? Professionals agree. Relationship expert Dr. Danielle Forshee thinks they’re the real deal too! “Paris’ engagement was well over ten years ago in her early twenties when her outlook on life was different than it is now,” she explained to Life & Style exclusively. “With Chris, he was also previously engaged in his twenties, and it does not appear that he rebounded and got engaged to someone else between that time and his engagement to Paris. Due to the current stage of life that Paris and Chris are in, it is likely that they are desiring to create a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.” We honestly can’t wait to finally see the former reality star walk down the aisle.