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CBD is a buzzword in the health and wellness worlds these days. But this naturally derived compounds has been used for thousands of years in the way of natural medicine, and rightly so. CBD is thought to have the ability to boost the immune system, keeping you happy and healthy. CBD has been proven to be full of anti-inflammatory properties, working as an immunomodulator and immunosuppressant.


We are exposed to an array of bacteria, viruses and potential infections daily. For those with a weak or compromised immune system, these diseases could have a long lasting and negative impact. Something we all learned to well in 2020. Without a functioning immune system, even the most common of illnesses could be fatal.


CBD and The Immune System


Our bodies work every day to help us stay safe, keeping foreign invaders to the body at bay and ensuring we eliminate free-radicals poised to attack. Our immune system’s champion are the white blood cells that target non-working cells and eliminate them, preventing them from multiplying or spreading and leading to tumors. These cells also work to destroy antigens while building the immune systems response to any similar future infections. Inflammation is our immune system’s best response to keeping toxins from spreading, so aiding in the regulation of inflammation and white blood cell production is key.


CBD: Immunosuppressant and Immunomodulator


Although scientific studies surrounding CBD are still new and emerging, more are needed to solidify results, the naturally derived compound has been shown to work as an immunosuppressant and immunomodulator. This means CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the immune system’s inflammatory response, which can have both positive and negative impacts depending on the person. When it comes to a virus, such as COVID-19, for a generally healthy person, inflammation is a vital response needed to isolate infected areas and block spread. For a person who may have underlying conditions, this response could be lacking, non-existent or too late.


That being said, CBD has been shown to regulate the immune system when it weakens, becomes hyperactive or is impacted by an autoimmune disease caused by inflammation. There are studies showing cannabis compounds and CBD can suppress the immune system in healthy people, and likewise studies that suggest the opposite, when the immune system is weakened, cannabinoids can strengthen it. Cancer and HIV/AIDS are one example in this area. CBD is widely known to treat pain, nausea and fatigue – all of which are common symptoms of HIV and AIDS. The compounds within cannabis and CBD have also been found to alter immune responses, stimulating CB1 and CB2 receptors to normalize bodily reactions. Because of this interaction, CBD can aid in immune response generally and especially when centered on autoimmune disorders and diseases.


CBD For Immunity: Key Takeaways


For a generally healthy person, CBD may sound like it impacts the body in ways that are unnecessary to boost the immune system. However, for anyone with underlying conditions or an auto-immune disorder, where the immune systems normal response is inhibited, CBD could be the key. Inflammation can cause or contribute to an autoimmune disease, and taking CBD could help to reduce that inflammation and promote regularity in cell promotion and death. Similarly, for those with a hyperactive immune system that can implode on itself, CBD could benefit as an immunosuppressant.


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