There are very few scenarios on Impractical Jokers that we want to emulate. From saying offensive things to strangers to getting tattoos of Jaden Smith, we’re glad the four “jokers” on the show are pros at getting embarrassed in public in the most cringeworthy ways imaginable. However, there are a few challenges featured on the show that would be pretty fun to play with a group of friends — you know, as long as there’s booze involved.

And if you’re one of those viewers who always wanted to host a Jokers-styled game with your fellow masochistic friends, you’re in luck. We did the hard task of rewatching all our favorite Impractical Jokers episodes (a sacrifice, we know) as inspiration for creating our own DIY prank game that you can now play yourself. As long as you don’t mind embarrassing yourself a little, these pranks are perfect if you have a group of similar-minded friends who are up for anything.

This home-based version of the game is just like the show’s. Because the game involves approaching strangers, it’s best to play somewhere public, like a bar or a park. There are 12 challenges that you draw at random. For each game, there are three rounds of challenges. Each player, or “joker,” participating in the game must complete the goal of the challenge. If they don’t, they lose. Whoever has the most losses at the end of the game must draw a “punishment” card. If you watch the show, you’re aware of how deadly these punishments are. Fortunately, our version isn’t too bad. They definitely won’t get you thrown in jail or beaten up (hopefully).

impractical jokers at home night small

View larger version here.

Most of the challenges and punishments were taken directly from the show, but we took some artistic license on a few of them to make them a little less hard for you. We also came up with a few original ones of our own to change things up a bit. If you like our game, feel free to create your own “challenges” and “punishments” by simply writing them in on the back of each card. Have fun!

And please, stay out of jail.

Download the PDFs.