Fans have come to love seeing Whitney Thore's family on My Big Fat Fabulous Life almost as much as they enjoy seeing her! That's especially true for the TLC star's brother Hunter Thore, who finds time to support his sister despite having his own successful career in the entertainment industry as an actor and musician. Fans want to know everything about Hunter, including whether or not he's gay.

Unfortunately for fans, Hunter seems to keep his personal life private, and has not acknowledged his sexuality either on the TLC reality show or his own social media. And he has a right to privacy! However, he's definitely totally comfortable with his sexuality, because he fabulously tried being a drag queen for one of his performances. We're obsessed!

Hunter may not want fans knowing about his romantic life, but he does want them to know about his amazing career! Hunter is more than just a reality star on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. He's a theater actor, film actor, and musician! He is the guitarist in the metal band Plague of Jackals, and it's clear that he's very passionate about it because he's often promoting upcoming gigs

Hunter has also been seen in multiple films, including Skye of the Damned and Skeleton Crew, in which he has starred as Drake for two years now! He was also in Robby Benson's off broadway show Open Heart, and more productions with the Jewish Theater of New York.

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This pic about sums it up. I have, literally, the coolest sister in the entire world. She has done so much and touched more people, and achieved so much… I couldn’t be prouder… and the fact that she would say such nice things about me… I am really touched… and I love her and I love my mother and father… and I have wonderful aunts and uncles and cousins…. I am truly blessed with a wonderful family:)… and friends! I have friends that mean as much as family… and their family treats me like family… what am I trying to say? I’m super lucky.. thank you for all the good wishes… I feel wonderful tonight:)

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Hunter just celebrated his birthday on Feb. 14, and was thrilled that fans were so supportive on his special day. "Thanks for all the birthday wishes!" he wrote on Facebook. "You guys know how to make someone feel special ;)." We can't wait to see what Hunter does next!