Nothing is worse than an old joke, but 7 years later and The Tenderloins have proved that they are here to stay! Starting off their mildly successful empire with TruTV’s hit show Impractical JokersJoe GattoBrian “Q” QuinnJames “Murr” Murray, and Sal Vulcano exclusively tell Life & Style that they have no plans on slowing down anytime soon and still can’t believe how far their booming career has gone.

It’s no secret that the half-an-hour prank show has transformed throughout the years. Other than the extended Joey Fatone interviews at the end, fans also get a true look behind the curtain with the special behind-the-scenes clips and unlimited specials. On top of that, you can now watch the fellas anytime on Netflix! The Tenderloins have officially joined Netflix as of Sept. 30 along with a few other TruTV originals such as Adam Ruins Everything and The Carbonaro Effect“Our life has definitely been a dream come true. To be able to go on the road, make people laugh, meet our fans and go around the country — and other countries… no one would have thought this would happen to four friends from high school,” Joe Gatto tells Life & Style exclusively at the Chase and IHG ‘Behind the Scenes Event.’

impractical jokers
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But the crew has the receipt for a successful and long career. Reflecting on what makes the show so fresh, Joe explains that “the thing is, the people that don’t know that they are on the show with us. It’s always the first time we are interacting with the person who doesn’t know who we are.”

Murr adds, “The show has to be real from day one and it’ll continue to be.”

impractical jokers
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And their skin has definitely gotten thicker since 2011. “If we were doing what we were doing now in Season One, we would have failed miserably at that time. I do think it gets inheritably more challenging because the more that we do, the more we got to come up with because we want the show to stay fresh and we don’t want to repeat ourselves,” Sal pointed out. “So we are always pushing limits between us and our team to get each other. It is harder.”

Q echoed, “It’s more challenging, but it keeps us on our toes for sure.”

Other than the new Netflix deal, you can continue to watch the gang every Thursday at 10/9c on TruTV.