Sorry, Bachelor Nation! Hannah Brown‘s journey to find love was bumped for game 5 of the NBA Finals. Don’t worry, a new episode of The Bachelorette is still airing but it will be pushed to Tuesday, June 11. So, cancel any and all plans immediately. Chris Harrison posted about the schedule change and fans had the most hilarious responses to the inconvenient scenario. The Golden State Warriors may be taking on the Toronto Raptors, but it’s Bachelor Monday, y’all!

“A PSA for #BachelorNation Due to NBA finals #TheBachelorette is on Tuesday night this week. I repeat #TheBachelorette is on TUESDAY this week!” the show host tweeted on June 6. The response was so overwhelming that it prompted him to retweet his girlfriend, Lauren Zima, who said, “Sports strikes again.” He added, “It will be the downfall of western civilization as you predicted.”

This news did not sit well with viewers. “Just because NBA players were on the show this week doesn’t mean we forgive them,” one person jokingly replied referring to Jed and Hannah’s epic one-on-one date that featured Boston Celtics players Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown.

Someone else pleaded, “They should move the NBA game instead.” A separate user thought the whole situation was very rude and wrote, “Excuse me, I value The Bachelorette more.” Even former contestant Wells Adams jumped in and said, “I blame Drake.” Another fan added, “Ugh, who cares about basketball?! The rivalry between Luke P. [and] Luke S. is way more entertaining than the one between Draymond [and] Drake.”

Week 4 was a wild ride full of drama and ended on a cliffhanger, which made fans extra eager for the newest episode. It was a Luke showdown with both contestants trying to convince Hannah that they were telling the truth about the tense energy in the mansion. Most of the guys chose a clear side. “You are aggressive. You are abnormally violent … You are a psychopath,” Mike told Luke P. during the episode. The Florida native was definitely painted in a negative light to viewers, but time will tell who the leading lady sides with.

It’s going to be the ~most dramatic~ Tuesday in history!