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These Fan Theories About Why Jana Duggar Hasn’t Moved out yet Are Seriously Absurd!

In any other family, Jana Duggar being single at 27 would be perfectly normal. But because she’s a Duggar, she’s expected to be engaged by now. Her younger sisters all got married and had kids when they were as young as 21. Joy-Anna Duggar, 20, was courted, engaged, married, and pregnant all within 2017. So, suffice to say, the Duggars want to get their daughters wife’d up and out the door as quickly as possible. But Jana, who’s now pushing 30, is still sitting at home and sharing a room with her little sisters, who are all 12 and younger. Surely there must be a reason Jana is still stuck in her childhood bedroom.

Fans from the Tumblr Duggar Bates Confessions have been the most vocal about Jana’s situation and have come up with plenty of theories as to why she remains unwed. Out of all the theories, the most popular one is that she’s being held “hostage” by her family. To keep their 20+ member household running smoothly, mother Michelle Duggar has implemented a “buddy system” where older siblings take care of the younger ones. Jana, being the oldest daughter, has taken care of the majority of her siblings since they were in diapers.

Because of this, many fans believe Jana’s parents are keeping her at home so that she can continue being a caretaker. “Now we see why Jim Bob and Michelle will not [let] Jana out the house,” one individual wrote. “One of the sisters either volunteered or was picked to stay and take care of the younger siblings since there are quite a few younger girls still at home. And Michelle is not going to do that kind of work!” Check out the gallery below to see more theories fans have about why Jana is still single.