Inside Jeffree Star’s Closet — See His Most Expensive Designer Clothes and Accessories!

No one has a crazier closet than YouTuber Jeffree Star. The vlogger is known for his penchant for designer digs and rocking head-to-toe pricey labels, so we rounded up all of the photos of his most expensive pieces.

The beauty guru showed off dozens of Louis Vuitton bags while transporting them to his new Hidden Hills home on September 9. “We’re about to sell my pink house with the pink vault and we had to clean it out today,” he explained while showing off the collection in the trunk of his car. “Hi Louis, come inside, girl!”

Jeffree purchased his new lavish mansion in Kris Jenner and Drake‘s neighborhood of Hidden Hills in December 2019 for a whopping $14.9 million. The French Normandy style home is an astounding 19,549 square feet and the content creator has been making it his own since March when he started renovations.

Prior to his January 2020 move, Jeffree lived in an outrageous Barbie pink mansion he designed himself. One of the most insane aspects of his prior home was a pink vault he had installed as a home for his most prized designer treasures. The makeup artist lived in the home with ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, whom he dated for five years.

Jeffree announced the pair split in January 2020. “Me and Nathan will be friends forever, I will always have love for him,” he tearfully told fans in a video on his channel. “Are we in love with each other? No. But we love each other and he will always be in my life.”

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder has since moved on with new boyfriend Andre Marhold. The pair made their relationship Instagram official in late August 2020 — and shortly after, the former Morphe collaborator revealed the exact status of their connection.

“The only thing I want to say is I’m having fun with someone,” Jeffree told fans on his Instagram Stories. “I am genuinely having a good time. No, I am not in a serious relationship. No, I am not in love.”

Scroll through the gallery below to get a peek inside Jeffree Star’s incredible closet full of designer digs!