Anyone who knows beauty guru Jeffree Star knows the former MySpace celebrity is loaded — but we expect you didn’t suspect the YouTuber to have this much in the bank. The 35-year-old is worth an incredible $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. How exactly did the makeup artist accumulate this much cash? Here’s a breakdown.

Jeffree Has a Popular YouTube Channel

The Los Angeles native has a whopping 18 million subscribers on his beloved YouTube channel, which he started in 2006. According to SocialBlade, Jeffree can make anywhere between $5,600 to $90,000 a month in revenue on his beauty tutorials, unboxings and other videos.

We suspect a sizeable portion of Jeffree’s wealth has come from YouTube over the years — but it has nothing on his business.

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Car Selfie
Courtesy of Shane Dawson Instagram

Jeffree Has a Globally Recognized Cosmetics Brand

The vlogger founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014 and the brand has garnered global acclaim for its quality and artistry since then. According to Forbes, the company is estimated to sell $100 million in product annually. Jeffree once claimed he invested his entire “life savings” to start the company.

Though the brand isn’t without its controversy at times, the majority of the entrepreneur’s net worth comes from this venture.

Jeffree Has a Massive Social Media Following

With 15.7 million followers on Instagram and another 7.6 million on Twitter, the content creator has the opportunity to work with other brands on paid advertisement posts. He also undoubtedly acquires luxury goods — gifted, of course — as a result of his following, which boosts his wealth.

Jeffree Has Done Collaborations

Anyone who loves Jeffree for his makeup prowess will remember his countless collaborations with Morphe Cosmetics. He also did a collaboration with YouTuber Shane Dawson through Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which debuted in October 2019. In a docuseries filmed by Shane, Jeffree said they could make $35 million off the initial launch, with $10 million going to Shane.

Think about the restocks, people!

Jeffree Used to Be a Singer

Back in the MySpace days, Jeffree pursued a career in music. In 2009, his debut album, Beauty Killer, was released. In 2010, he signed to Akon‘s Konvict Muzik for his second album, but it was never produced due to creative differences.

Jeffree Owns Property

Jeffree purchased a 10-bedroom, 15-bathroom home with ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt for $3.62 million in 2016, following which he made major renovations. In December 2019, the beauty guru purchased a spacious new home in Hidden Hills, California for $14.6 million. The property sits on about 3 acres of land and has 8 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Relationship-wise, Jeffree briefly moved on with rumored boyfriend Andre Marhold but seemingly confirmed their split one month later.

Jeffree Owns Cars

The internet personality has Bentleys, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Ferraris in his garage, which are each worth at least 6 figures.

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