Now that we're in the heyday of Instagram and Snapchat, our former obsession with Myspace feels like a distant memory. But a recent walk down memory got us thinking: what on Earth happened to Tom from Myspace?

Well, in 2017, the social platform's co-creator, whose last name is Anderson, is living one hell of a life. Not only did he retire in 2010, but according to his Instagram page, the 46-year-old spends his days traveling around the world taking pictures because he's a millionaire with a ton of time on his hands.

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Fans got to see what the tech mogul looks like now in a recent video on his Facebook. "Here’s my new favorite thing — the latest GoPro video of me enjoying my home, Oahu," he captioned the post. "I’ve been living on Oahu part-time."

As those who ever had a Myspace account know, Tom was your automatic first friend when you signed up for the site — one you couldn't get rid of no matter how hard you tried.

Thanks to the network's eventual sale, Tom amassed a net worth of approximately $60 million, which has allowed him to pursue a new passion: landscape photography. "I was very happy with my results from the beginning," he told ABC News after finding his calling during Burning Man in 2011. "That's highly unusual for me."

He frequently shares his photographs on Instagram, gushing about the exotic destinations in the captions. "Here's one of Iceland's more regular Geysers under the stars and green glow of the Northern Lights!" he wrote next to a recent pic. "The thing is, I didn't know it was so regular and was only dimly aware it was there as I walked into this area at night. You can imagine my surprise when this thing went off in the dark… I love experiencing surprises like this, it was one of the highlights of my time there."

Tom, if you're ever in need of a travel companion, we're available!