Setting the record straight! Beauty guru Jeffree Star took to his Instagram on Saturday, January 11, to explain to fans why his ex-boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, was at his home just mere hours after they publicly announced their split in a YouTube video titled, “We Broke Up.” Part of the reason is because Jeffree, 34, wanted to slam rumors claiming Nate, 26, has already moved on with another woman after their breakup.

“Hey guys. I just wanted to quickly come on here. I know I live a very public life, so I like to be really transparent. I don’t like when people make stuff up,” the makeup mogul addressed his fans in a series of Instagram Story selfie videos. “A lot of people are like, ‘Are you and Nate like hanging out right now?’ I was in Orange County, which is like an hour and a half away from where I live in Hidden Hills and I was visiting my grandma. Grandma Mary turns 103 years old this July okay, and I don’t know how long she has left so I have been visiting her a lot. I know I talked about in today’s video. So instead of having my security guards or team watch my dogs, why not have Nathan, who raised them with me for years, watch them instead.”

jeffree star's ex-boyfriend nate visited his house and their dogs after their split
Courtesy of Jeffree Star/Instagram

Jeffree went on to explain that both he and Nate felt it was necessary for fans to know that Nate was at Jeffree’s house amid the rumors claiming Nate was in another city with another woman.

“I’m like, you guys. Do you think me and him want to date anyone else right now? Do you think that’s on our minds? I’m on day 10 of crying my eyes out. No, that’s not what we’re thinking about right now,” the Jeffree Star Cosmetics owner said.

“But okay you guys, I’m emotionally drained. Before I sign off for the night, I know I’ve said this 20,000 times, but just thank you,” he continued. “This is really rough, so I just wanted to put the record straight because people aren’t going to disrespect him, you’re not going to disrespect me. So this has all just been a lot for me emotionally, mentally, it’s just like, deep breath.”

Thankfully, Jeffree seemed to be doing better on the morning of Sunday, January 12. “Good morning everyone… Today was the first morning I didn’t cry over the dog bowls when making their breakfast,” he tweeted and added the dog emoji. “Hi progress, how are ya?”