She’s so supportive! It’s been a rough couple of years for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, to say the least. They announced their split in June 2015 after 10 years of marriage. And in late August, the actress drove him to a Malibu rehab for his alcohol addiction. 

But she’s not giving up on him now. “After everything they’ve been through, she is going to continue to be there for him when he needs her,” an insider revealed to Us Weekly in the magazine’s newest issue, on newsstands now. “No matter the circumstances.”

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Case in point: over the past three years, Jen has been holding off on finalizing her divorce from Ben so he could get it together. “Jen wanted to give Ben the time and opportunity to work on his health and sobriety,” another source told Us. “She isn’t in a rush.” 

However, she is in a rush for Ben to step up for their three children, daughter Violet, 12, daughter Seraphina, 9, and son Samuel, 6. “Jen just wants Ben to be the best father he can be,” the source added. “She wants to give their kids the best life possible.”

Despite all the back and forth drama, however, the former duo still has a strong bond, which could help explain why she’s been so patient with him. “Ben and Jen are on good terms,” the confidant said. “Yes, he does things that piss her off, but she puts her feelings aside for the kids. They both want what’s best for them and have made a commitment to see that through.”

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An insider previously told Us, “They’re good friends. She wants him to be honest and he usually is. She tends to find out about things, and Ben is very open with her. They both want what’s best for the kids and have made a commitment to see that through.”