When it was announced Jennifer Lopez would be making history as the oldest Guess girl in the brand's history, fans were rightfully excited. However, her latest campaign for the company's iconic jeans was revealed over the weekend, and the reaction was definitely not what J.Lo or Guess were expecting.

While there is no denying Jennifer (and her famous booty) can pull off denim better than anyone, followers quickly flooded Guess' Instagram feed and accused the brand of digitally altering the ad beyond recognition. "I can’t actually believe that someone looked at this and thought, yeah that looks believable enough to publish. There is far too much Photoshop on this image," one disgruntled customer wrote. "You can immediately tell from the shape of her back, her squished torso, her arm and the flower vase in the background is not straight; therefore indicating that you’ve made her bottom bigger as well… @jlo is a phenomenal human being in body and mind, and you have literally squashed her. It doesn’t even make your clothes look good! So what was even the point? This is one of the worst cases of Photoshop I’ve ever seen, and I would LOVE to see the original image."

Another agreed, adding, "Photoshop major level, it’s a shame cause she's such a natural beauty." Yikes. Jennifer, 48, has yet to comment on the backlash but did share the controversial campaign on her personal Instagram page, gaining more than 1.5 million likes for the photo. “When I got the call from Paul Marciano asking me to become the new Guess Girl, I was thrilled and excited to be a part of such an iconic brand that I have loved since I was a teenager,” Jennifer said in a statement at the time. “When I look back at early Guess campaigns through the years, you see all of these beautiful models and iconic images that Paul has created. It is a tremendous compliment to have been selected for Guess’ Spring 2018 campaign."

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Ayyyyy… 😂

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Last year, Jennifer was also accused of Photoshopping a selfie of herself in a Guess crop top (duh) and sweatpants. The mother-of-two quickly shut down haters and reassured her fans that her abs were all natural. "Omg…Just a smudge on the mirror…lol…not photoshop," she wrote, along with the hashtags, "#lordblessthehaters, "#gymrat," "#youshouldtryit," and "#wishtherewasphotoshopforhaters." We'll just be playing "I'm Real" on repeat until J.Lo claps back again.