Here we go again! Are Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald putting their kids in danger? Not quite, but they are raising some eyebrows when it comes to general safety. The Counting On star posted a video on Instagram recently of her son Henry, 1, as he climbed up a plastic slide literally surrounded by "hard objects" and random clutter. Ben quickly got into daddy mode and removed the toys but the only problem was, he didn't exactly move them away from the play area. Watch the video above and check out the entire thing unfold!

Jessa captioned her Instagram post, "Henry discovered a new game last night. ???. " But she also decided to put in a disclaimer and said, "(And daddy came to aid by moving hard objects from the fall zone and padding the area with pillows and blankets ??☁️☁️)."

Still, that didn't stop the parenting police from coming out in full force. One fan commented on Jessa's video and said, "What he is doing is potentially dangerous though. Plus it is teaching the wrong way to use a slide. He chews on tags, water bottle caps, misuses the slide. SMH, can't they parent these kids?!!!"

This isn't the first time Jessa and Ben received some social media backlash over their home, either. In Touch reported that the couple's $200,000 house sits just feet away from a deadly highway that hosted a fatal multi-car crash on Feb. 10. However, Jessa still documents her sons — Spurgeon, 2, and Henry, 1 — playing outside yards away from the busy road.

Plus, now that the star is also reportedly pregnant with baby No. 3, fans can't help but think the duo should be making smarter decisions. An unnamed source took to reddit claiming not only that he/she has mutual friends with the famous Duggar family, but also that he/she recently caught the 25-year-old mama sporting a considerable baby bump.

"I have some insider news… Jessa is preggers!" the insider wrote. "I have evangelical family members who live near Fayetteville and they run with the same crowd as the Duggars, who they mingle with sometimes. I visited them last week/weekend and my cousin took me and my one-year-old with her and her kids to a group playdate thing at someone's house, and Jessa was there with her boys. Jessa didn’t say much to me and she — and a few other moms — kind of had an air around them that exuded exclusivity if you know what I mean? I got the vibe that she disliked outsiders so I didn’t try to talk to her. But she had a noticeable baby bump. Her shirt was somewhat tight so it was obvious that she was pregnant and definitely past the stage of eating too much for dinner the previous night. She appeared 3-4 months pregnant." Welp, we're sure we haven't heard the last of their "parenting fails!"

The season finale of Counting On airs Monday, March 26 at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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