This is one celebrity opinion we're not used to hearing!

Jessie James Decker isn't afraid to be a little sexy on Instagram, and she's not worried about what her 20-month-old daughter Vivianne will find when she's older.

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"She can Google anything. There's nothing I'm ashamed of. Luckily, I don't have any sex videos or anything," the 27-year-old shared.

"I'm sure there are some naked selfies out there somewhere; I've sent those in the past," the country singer admitted. "We all have them. I did look damn good. Before I had babies, I had boobies. I'm an open book. If something like that ever came out, I'd be like, 'Whatever.'"

Given how most celebs reacted to the massive nude photo hack of 2014, we'd say Jessie is in the minority on this one!

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But this is the same woman who openly calls hubby Eric Decker "sugar dick" on social media, so we doubt she gets embarrassed by much!