Joanna Krupa is testing Instagram’s nudity censors!

The 37-year-old is making headlines after posting a nearly naked video of herself to the social media platform. In the clip, the Real Housewives of Miami alum shakes her hips while showing off her figure in the bathroom mirror.

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Although at first fans thought Joanna was going full commando in the post, she clarified in the caption that she was, in fact, covering up her lady bits. “2017 #body #goals #fit #nofilter #joannakrupayes I do have Nude color [underwear] on‼ so relax #haters #imamodel,” she wrote. The blonde beauty didn't wear anything on top, however, using just her arms to hide her nipples.

Needless to say, followers had plenty of opinions to voice in the comments section. “You’re a filthy attention seeking whore who has no morals. Get a real job with some self respect you walking desease [sic]. Women like you are a disgrace to society,” one individual wrote, while another said, “Someone is desperate for attention!!!! Pictures like this should be for your boyfriend/husband. Not for the whole [world]. no class.”

But the majority of fans had the Polish model’s back, with one person writing, “God sake leave her alone she’s embracing her body (may I add beautiful body) back off she doesn't want any hate and she's wearing underwear I can see it if u had a look which u properly didn't coz u had the nerve to comment that.”

Joanna is used to baring it all for the camera. In November, the reality star did a naked version of the Mannequin Challenge, which racked up nearly 365,000 views. And just a few weeks before, she flaunted her butt in a thong bodysuit that ironically featured a turtleneck up top.

Scroll through the gallery below for a look at Joanna’s sexiest (and most skin-baring) photos to date!