Let’s face it, Uncle Jesse was the greatest uncle of all time. The Full House character played by John Stamos made us all wish he was a part of our families too. And he had a special relationship with Michelle Tanner (played by the Olsen twins). Even though they aren’t a part of the revival show, Fuller House, John recently uploaded a throwback video from when the twins were just toddlers — and our hearts can’t handle it!

He captioned the video, “#NetflixandHug Who’s watching? #FullerHouse S3 #SayMyName.” And honestly, we’re excited and hurt by this video at the same time. We’re still crushed that Mary-Kate and Ashley have yet to make an appearance in Fuller House. We mean, what even is the show without Michelle’s adorable “You got it dude!” catch-phrase?! We guess we’ll just have to settle for this blast from the past video. Watch the video below to remind yourself how adorable the twins used to be!

Okay, so that was really cute. We’re really happy John took it upon himself to share that with fans. His followers were quick to comment their thoughts about the video too. One wrote, “This is so sad. I wish they were still in it too, but I still love it just the same.” Another added, “Doesn’t it just feel like yesterday sometimes that little Michelle was just a cute adorable toddler? I miss her… I really do… but so happy to see the rest of you guys.”

But, could there be hope that the famous twins will make an appearance on the show? Well, anything’s possible and in a previous interview, John even admitted that he still thinks there’s a chance they will. “I was going to see Ashley last night and beg her to be on the show,” he explained. “We would love to have them. I know everyone would love to see them. I have a good feeling about it.” Please make it happy — we’re counting on you!