It’s on! Bachelorette star Katie Thurston has more than 30 lucky contestants who are vying for her heart during season 17, which premieres on Monday, June 7. Compete with your friends in a Bachelorette fantasy league for season 17 by saving and printing the bracket below!

Katie Thurston Bachelorette Bracket Season 17

The Washington native, 30, is taking her journey to find love very seriously after first appearing as a contestant on Bachelor Matt James’ season earlier this year. 

“I’m ready to find love, and not just, like, the temporary kind. I’m talking forever, my husband, and I’m in a place in my life where I feel like I’m the best version of me,” Katie said while speaking with host Emmanuel Acho, who filled in amid Chris Harrison’s hiatus, during After the Final Rose in March. “Honestly, I’ve seen it work before, why can’t it work for me?”

That being said, the bank marketing manager admitted during an interview with People it’s a bit uncomfortable watching herself kiss on national TV. “Seeing the promos, I am making out with a lot of guys!” she quipped. “You never really see yourself kissing anyone. So it’s like, ‘Oh boy.'”

She pointed to the fact that “time is short” with her guys, and she has to develop relationships in just a few weeks. “And you can’t be OK with me possibly getting engaged in two months but not kissing on the first date. I’ve got to use my time wisely!” she added.

Needless to say, the leading lady was super impressed with the flock of contestants. “Every single guy was so handsome,” she confessed. “And I don’t have a type so every man that came in I was like, ‘Yes, yes and yes!’ They’re all such great guys. And that’s what made it exciting and hard at the same time.”

Katie shocked fans on the Bachelor when she stepped out of the limo to meet Matt with her vibrator in tow, and she’s being equally as candid about what goes down during her own fantasy suite dates on The Bachelorette. 

“We’re all adults. I have sex!” she said. “It’s an important part of the relationship in terms of the connection. But it is also our time to talk about important topics or any lingering conversations.”

We can’t wait to watch Katie’s journey to find love unfold!