Uh-oh! If you’ve been watching ABC’s reboot of American Idol, you’re well aware that judge Katy Perry is the best part of the show — especially when she gets excited about a young pop hopeful’s audition. Unfortunately, however, Katy’s enthusiasm got the best of her during a recent episode of the hit singing competition series when she decided to get up and dance while contestant Michelle Sussett sang Selena’s 1994 single “Techno Cumbia.”

It wasn’t long before the superstar, 33, lost her footing and fell over. The worst part, though? She accidentally suffered a wardrobe malfunction in her glittering mini dress, revealing her undergarments to the camera. Luckily. producers kept Katy covered with a strategically placed American Idol logo. To see how it all (literally) went down, watch the video above!

katy perry - getty

Despite her fall, Katy took the embarrassing moment like a champ and laughed it off. Her fellow AI judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, also had a good chuckle about the “Swish Swish” songstress’ onscreen snafu. “Oh dear God, there are things a man can’t unsee!” Luke, 41, joked as he and Lionel, 68, rushed over to help Katy get off the ground. “There are some things you have to do for the business!” Lionel said with a laugh before asking Katy, “You all right? You covered?”

After Katy’s funny fumble aired, fans quickly took to Twitter to ask the performer if she is OK. “OMG KATY R U ALRIGHT? That looked like it hurt!” one tweeted, while another wrote, “Yo that was hilarious af, but I seriously hope that Katy Perry is feeling okay after that fall.”

American Idol airs on ABC Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.