Keanu Reeves got a chance to put all those years filming action movies to good use last week when he found, and then apprehended, a woman who had broken into his home and was sitting silently in his library.

Keanu calmly chatted with the lady until police arrived, who then took her away, and all was well once again in his tranquil Hollywood home.

Or so her thought.

TMZ reports that the actor had his home broken into again the NEXT day, and this time the perpetrator was a naked woman.

matrix keanu

The woman reportedly walked in through an open gate on the property, ‘jumped in his shower, then took a skinny dip in the pool.’

Keanu’s cleaning crew called their boss as soon as they heard the shower running, and he took care of the situation by immediately calling 911.

The woman was taken away for a mental evaluation, and Keanu went back to doing his thing.

Now let’s hope the poor guy can get some rest.