Introducing … Kardashian Week! In honor of the 10th anniversary of KUWTK, we’re celebrating big time at Life & Style. Check back each day this week for more fun features about your favorite reality TV family.

It’s hard to believe Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been on our TV screens for an entire decade. With the whole family literally in the news every day, sometimes it feels like their most important moments have unfolded on Instagram, Snapchat, or you know, in the real world. But that’s only half true.

At the end of the day, the humble reality show, now celebrating its 10-year anniversary, still harnesses the Kardashian families’ most iconic scenes, from Kim freaking out about losing her diamond earring in the ocean to Scott Disick serving as the surprising voice of reason.

To commemorate these pinnacle points of pop culture, we turned our favorite scenes from the show into fun, readable comics. Because face it — the series is so much funnier when you don’t have to hear those nasally voices.

kim loses her earring in the ocean

Who can forget this iconic moment? Even if you don’t watch the show, you probably remember the time Kim Kardashian lost her expensive diamond earring in the ocean, causing her to cry like a toddler being told it’s nap time. As Kim had her temper tantrum, an apathetic Kourtney reminded her sister that there were worse things happening in the world, like death. In the end, Kim found her diamond earring and all was right again in the Kardashian universe. One problem? The scene was entirely staged. Whoops.

kim ugly cries over kris humphries

When Kim married Kris Humphries for like, six seconds, the world was pretty upset. After the wedding was shoved down people’s throats for months, Kim made things worse by announcing she was getting a divorce after only a few weeks of marriage. Fans called her a fraud, which prompted her to burst into an ugly cry during an episode of KUWTK. Fans everywhere were treated to sweet schadenfreude watching Kim ugly cry over her sham marriage, making it the perfect moment to immortalize.

don't be rude kim

You’ve probably seen this GIF on the Internet for years now. It captured the Kardashians during a purer time before they were super famous and were just a couple of sisters beating each other with purses. However, our favorite thing about this exchange? Khloé telling Kim to “go cry” as Kim leaves in a huff. It’s all so strangely therapeutic in comic form.

sassy scott comic

Lord Disick continues to be the unlikely voice of reason. He’s had several funny one-liners throughout the show, but this one was our favorite. We especially love the look of silent shock on Kim’s face as she slowly realizes she was just insulted to her face.

going to jail selfie

When Khloé was sent to prison for a DUI, the ride to the jail was somber and sad, but that didn’t stop Kim from snapping a quick selfie. Kris tried to shame her, but Kim didn’t care. Hey, why not look your best while driving your sister to jail? #KardashianLogic

kim kardashian flat butt

Kim and her clan are known for their big butts, which is why when Kim said she wanted a “flat butt now,” everyone was just as shocked as Scott was. And, of course, being the “unlikely voice of reason,” he couldn’t help but remind everyone that those massive butts were what paid their bills. How does Scott always know what we’re thinking?

kourtney laughs at kim's cry face

During the early seasons, we quickly learned that Khloé wasn’t the only “cool” Kardashian. Older sis Kourtney constantly made snarky comments about her family, but our favorite was when she made fun of Kim’s cry face — even being so bold as to laugh right in her sister’s face. Take that, Kim!