Baywatch babe alert! Kendall Jenner is about to be the only one of her sisters without a kid, and she’s fully embracing it. The 21-year-old recently shared a red-hot picture of her booty on Instagram, and it’s putting all of her famous siblings to shame! Watch the video below to see Kendall’s steamy new photo:

Kendall captioned the pic “84°,” which was the temperature in Los Angeles the day she posted it. However, the pic is actually a throwback! Kenny originally shared the sexy photo on her Snapchat in June. At the time, she had written “sorry?” over her bum, but apparently, she’s not feeling apologetic this time around!

Kendall made a name for herself as the model of the Kardashian klan, and she’s always had a tall, thin frame compared to her short, curvy sisters. However, she’s been flipping the script lately and showing fans that her butt shouldn’t be overlooked! Recently she’s been sharing more photos of her body looking curvier than ever, and it has fans wondering if she’s altered her figure to fit in with her fam.

The risqué picture is definitely no surprise coming from Kendall. She’s super comfortable showing skin (and even bared her nipples during one of her first runway shows!) Though this time it’s her butt, she’s usually all about the boobies! “I’m weird. I love my t–s being out,” she told W magazine in 2016. “It’s like one of my things, I guess. I’m young. When I’m older, I want to be able to look at it and be, like, I looked good.” She can say that again!