Not only has Kesha toned down her “look” over the past few years, but she has also significantly changed the way she lives.

In a new interview, the ‘Tik Tok’ singer, 28, opens up about her battle with an eating disorder — and reveals she deprived herself of food as a coping mechanism to handling her overnight fame.

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“I started to think being hungry to the point of feeling almost faint was a positive thing,” she told Vogue. “The worse it got, the more positive feedback I was getting. Inside I was really unhappy, but outside, people were like ‘ Wow, you look great.'”

kesha timber

Kesha at her thinnest in the 2013 music video for ‘Timber,’ just months before she checked into rehab.

Eventually, after speaking with her therapist and reaching out to her mom, she decided to go to rehab in early 2014. There, she learned to recognize that food was a good thing for her. With that also came changing her mentality. The blonde beauty claims, “Part of being healthy is being positive. I don’t pay attention to the Internet or bloggers.”

kesha on stage performing

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“Every day I have to look in the mirror and make the choice to be kind to myself,” she added. “This is who I am — I have to love that.”