Time to take several seats, girl. On the same day Matt Lauer got fired from the Today show amid sexual misconduct claims, Kirstie Alley took to Twitter to shame victims for not confronting their abusers. The former Fat Actress star, 66, shared the tone-deaf message with her fans on Wednesday, Nov. 29. See what she had to say in the video below.

Naturally, social media users clapped back at Kirstie for her remarks. “How dare you try and shame the victims of sexual assault! Reminder…you are a woman! Maybe stand up for other women?” one angry fan wrote, while another fumed, “Officially unfollowing you. You are a piece of trash for trying to shame the victims.”

One fan even criticized Kirstie for suggesting that victims should follow a specific timeline when it comes to sharing their traumatic stories. “Just because it takes someone years to come forward with their sexual assault doesn’t mean it isn’t true,” the tweeter explained. “Who are you to say when they have to?”

Of course, Matt, 59, is not the only prominent figure to be accused of sexual misconduct in the last couple months. The outpouring of allegations began in October, when the New York Times published a lengthy exposé on Harvey Weinstein, in which multiple actresses — including Ashley Judd — claimed to be victims of the Hollywood executive’s unwanted sexual advances.

After facing backlash for her insensitive tweet, Kirstie told fans they should focus on all the “GOOD” in life. “Ok on another note..there is SO much GOOD IN THIS WORD [sic] ..And I just hope all this chaos doest occlude the GOODNESS around us,” she added. “Take injustice against the bad and REVEL IN THE GOOD.”