If there’s one thing Lady Gaga is known for, it’s her outrageous looks — so seeing her without makeup is a special occasion. Whether she’s arriving at the Grammys in an egg or bringing down the house at the Super Bowl, Gaga loves to put on a show for fashion lovers all over the world. Aside from her larger-than-life outfits, a big part of her aesthetic has always centered around her wildly creative makeup looks. That’s why when pictures of the singer without makeup began popping up everywhere, fans started freaking out.

What does Lady Gaga look like without her intense graphic eyeliner and face sculpted to the Gods? Well, it turns out underneath all of that fake hair, mascara, and lipstick lies a natural stunner with big blue eyes. No wonder Christian Carino put an (engagement) ring on it!

It also looks like a bare-faced Gaga isn’t such a new thing after all – she’s been sharing these au naturale selfies for years! Want to know what the pop star looks like without makeup? Here are some of Lady Gaga’s best no-makeup selfies over the years!

2014: Lady Gaga enjoys a (well-deserved) day off.

The first glimpse we saw of the songstress sans makeup came in 2014. In this candid shot, the pop star shares a bedside photo from a day off of her massive artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour, documenting a well-deserved lazy day for her Little Monsters. “Day off sleepy girl,” the fresh-faced entertainer captioned the selfie.

lady gaga no makeup selfie

2015: Mother Monster greets her fans sans makeup.

The “Applause” singer continued this trend well into the next year with another early morning shot featuring her iconic “Mother Monster” pose and her real hair. Fresh-faced and glowing, Gaga embraces her new “barely there” look saying, “It’s a monster morning. No hair. No makeup. Just me. Feeling gratitude for my killer fans. #monster4life”

lady gaga normal selfie

2016: Lady Gaga makes new music au naturale.

Lady Gaga’s natural hair color makes another appearance in this look from 2016. In the studio and living her best life, the accompanying caption simply says, “Thank you god thank you music.”

lady gaga natural hair selfie

2017: It’s the year Gaga really toned it down!

Sporting a high, slicked-back pony and bare skin, a bright-eyed Gaga looks radiant in this selfie she snapped to celebrate wrapping her Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, in mid-2017.

lady gaga no makeup


While it may seem like Lady Gaga’s no-makeup looks are a new thing, it’s a side of her we’ve actually been seeing a lot of over the last few years. Alongside this slew of no-makeup photos, Gaga’s also been sporting some more laid back makeup looks. In this selfie from late 2017, the songstress abandons her usual crazy colors and bold liners for lighter makeup that accents her crystal-clear skin and baby blues instead.

“Friday day off Baby. Sauna, Face Mask, Moisturizer. Makeup. Slick back the for an easy day,” captioned the singer.

lady gaga natural makeup selfie


This toned down approach to her look is definitely working for her, but fans want to know, what’s the secret to her nearly perfect skin? Apparently, it’s a process.

lady gaga natural selfie


Back in October 2017, after posting another one of her #flawless makeup-free selfies, fans begged Mother Monster to drop her skincare routine with the same fervor they do a new single. In response to one fan request, she tweeted, “I have quite a skincare routine, rituals I learned from my mother and my friends mothers. thank you.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Gaga ever decides to spill her secrets. One can only hope.

Want to recreate Lady Gaga’s natural no-makeup makeup look? Check out the products below to get your glow on, including one of Gaga’s personal staples!

1. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

lady gaga no makeup ole henriksen

Gaga’s skincare routine is intense. One thing she most likely has in her arsenal is a great serum, like this one from Ole Henriksen. Formulated with Vitamin C and its True-C Complex, Truth Serum is famous for its potency and a must have for healthy, hydrated skin.

Where to buy: Sephora, $48

2. Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Beauty Balm

lady gaga no makeup marcelle bb cream

Now that the skin is prepped and hydrated, the next step to achieving a natural look like Gaga is to even out your skin. But you don’t want to hide your skin, you just want to help it out. To do that, reach for a BB cream like this one from Marcelle. Formulated with self-adjusting pigments, this BB cream corrects any discoloration and adapts to the skin tone.

Where to buy: Amazon, $29

3. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Concealer

lady gaga no makeup loreal infallible concealer

A little touch-up never killed nobody. While BB cream can even skin out, sometimes we still need a little help when it comes to spots and dark circles. Finish off your skin with this concealer from L’Oreal Paris. Light and glowy, this concealer never cakes up and will help ensure you glow like Gaga.

Where to buy: Amazon, $8.74

4. Queen of the Fill Tinted Eyebrow Makeup Gel

lady gaga no makeup queen of the fill brow gel

For those who desire a little help with their brows even on no makeup days, you can never go wrong with a good tinted brow gel. Giving them just enough definition and hold to make them look well kept but not done, this gel from Queen of the Fill may become your new everyday staple.

Where to buy: Amazon, $15

5. Urban Decay Single Shadow

lady gaga no makeup urban decay shadow riff

To recreate Gaga’s sparkly eye look, opt for a warm shimmery shadow like this one from Urban Decay in the color “Riff.” Simply pat a small amount on the lid for a natural eye look that packs a (light) punch.

Where to buy: Sephora, $20

6. L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara

lady gaga no makeup loreal telescopic mascara

A little mascara can go a long way. L’Oreal’s infamous Telescopic mascara offers lashes the perfect length and color without too much volume, leaving lashes looking naturally lifted.

Where to buy: Amazon, $7.02

7. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon

lady gaga no makeup marc jacobs lip crayon

This lip crayon from Marc Jacobs is a staple for Gaga on tour. Creamy and offering a 16-hour wear, you can trust that this lippie will stay on all day and well into night. And in the color “Send Me Nudes,” it’s the perfect (and subtle) way to top off your “no makeup” makeup look.

Where to buy: Sephora, $26

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