All hail, Laverne Cox! The American actress and LGBTQ activist rose to fame with her role on Orange Is the New Black, but has continued to make a name for herself apart from the Netflix hit. Fans are now looking forward to watching her appearance on America's Got Talent, where she will be serving as a guest judge.

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Apparently, Laverne is just as inspiring on-screen as she is off-screen and serves up some much-needed truth to one of the contestants. “The big thing about this show and about life is that you have to hold on to your dreams — people have told me that I can not have my dreams, but you can have them,” she says in an exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday's episode before 34-year-old choreographer and dancer Oscar Hernandez performs.

“I spent years behind the scenes choreographing for different NBA and NFL dance teams making them look good, but tonight, this is about me,” Oscar says before dedicating his routine to Laverne. "I’ve got one chance. Getting to the live show could definitely change my life. This is my time to shine." We can't wait to see what happens with Oscar — keep scrolling to learn more about Laverne before watching her guest appearance tonight!

Is Laverne Cox transgender?

The actress is not only openly transgender (she was born male), but she is also the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the acting category. She went on to win a Daytime Emmy Award in Outstanding Special Class Special as Executive Producer for Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, making her the first openly transgender woman to win a Daytime Emmy Award. As of this year, she is also the first transgender person to play a transgender series regular on broadcast TV as Cameron Wirth on Doubt.

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Who is Laverne Cox dating?

The transgender beauty isn't currently dating anyone — unless they're keeping a super low profile! But, in the past, she has kept the company of attractive men. She was previously linked to Jono Freedrix last year when the two accompanied each other to the SAG Awards (and were even spotted showing PDA at an after-party). However, aside from that, the actress hasn't been seen with another boyfriend. She has been vocal about the stigmatization of transgender dating.

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“I think a man who is dating trans women, who is a celebrity, or famous or is an athlete or something, needs to come forward — or a musician — and needs to say, 'I love transgender women and [they] deserve to be loved and I’m going to declare that publicly,'" she explained. "I think those men need some sort of inspiration and hope, so they can live more authentically."

What does Laverne Cox do?

Aside from acting, which of course, is her main profession, Laverne has an active voice in the LGBTQ community. As an activist, she fights for the rights of transgender people across the world and is notorious for educating people who are ignorant when it comes to the queer community. Last month, during a Breakfast Club interview, Laverne explained how a joke about killing trans women can be extremely dangerous to the community. She responded to a viral clip of stand-up comic Lil Duval saying he would "kill" a trans woman if he discovered he had sex with her.

"Some folks think it’s ok to joke about wanting to kill us," she wrote on Twitter. "We have free speech but that speech has consequences and trans folks are experiencing the negative consequences with our lives. It hurts my spirit cause this isn't funny. Our lives matter. Trans murder isn’t a joke." Keep crushing it, Laverne!