Interesting. Hannah Brown‘s ex and former Bachelorette contestant Luke Parker gushed over Madison Prewett‘s sex talk with Peter Weber during fantasy suite dates on The Bachelor. Luke P. had a tumultuous relationship with Hannah, and it ended after he confronted her about which contestants she had been intimate with. She felt judged by the Gainseville native, and then admitted that she “f–ked in a windmill.”

“My face when the fantasy suite situation is too familiar,” Luke, 24, wrote on Instagram on February 26 with a laughing emoji. The photo showed the reality star standing a the edge of a pool with his jaw dropped. “With that being said, I haven’t been watching this season, but I got the lowdown,” he continued. “I am proud of [Madison] for standing firm in her convictions. Keep doing you, girl!”

Bachelorette Hannah Brown Luke Parker Rose Ceremony Men Tell All

During Luke’s final date on with the 25-year-old on The Bachelorette, he laid out his expectations. “I know you’re not a virgin, you know I am not,” he began. “I have been abstaining from sex for three to four years. I am saving myself for marriage, and I am very confident that we are on the same page with our morals, and I want to hear it from your mouth.” The Bachelor Nation babe explained that she felt like he was “judging” her and it came from a place of “pride.” They officially split after an explosive argument.

Peter and Madi’s situation has been playing out differently. Prior to fantasy suite dates, she told the pilot that “actions speak louder than words” and alluded to the fact that she would not be OK with him having sex with the other contestants. Their communication came off a bit bumpy, and Peter seemed unclear about her expectations.

Bachelor Contestant Madison Prewett Talks With Peter Weber Ahead of Fantasy Suite Dates

She opened up more about the decision behind her virginity and why she is saving herself for marriage during their overnight date. “Growing up, I made a commitment to myself, and I decided that I wanted to save myself for marriage,” Madison told Peter during the dinner. “For me, I see it as the day that I say ‘I do’ to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with is the day that he is getting all of me — body, soul and spirit. I am his. I look at relationships and not both people are going to make the same life decisions, and I don’t expect that for you or anybody.”

Peter then confessed that he had been “intimate” with either Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller (or both), and Madi got up to leave the table. Time will tell what unfolds between the two, but she definitely got Luke P.’s attention!