It's time for Mama June to go under the knife again but this procedure is not for cosmetic reasons. In a sneak peek for the upcoming Mama June: From Not to Hot episode, the 38-year-old — who already suffers from partial blindness — said doctors are worried about her retina that has been detached from a blood supply for several weeks.

She explained the doctors "don't really know how much blood supply is there" so she could end up completely blind if the surgery goes wrong. "They could reattach it and the little bit that I see now of light, I could totally go black just like this eye. And there could be no more hope for it," Mama June shared.

"Tomorrow morning I go in for surgery and I have to be there at 7 o'clock," she continued. "So I would like to say goodbye to y'all because honestly, the little bit that I can see y'all, I may not be able to see anything after."

Although the reality star seemed less than optimistic, her daughter — Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson — was hopeful that it'll "go wonderful" and wanted Mama June to focus on her upcoming pageant, though the mom-of-four said the competition was "the least of my concern" ahead of surgery.

Post-surgery, Mama June will have to "lay flat" and keep her head in a massage chair. She explained, "The doctor said it's going to help keep my retina attached, so I don't have any other choice but to do what they say."

This is the sixth surgery Mama June has had in the past year and a half. She went through a total transformation in 2017 after shedding more than 300 pounds; additionally, she went under the knife for a breast augmentation and had 9 pounds worth of excess skin removed.