Happy wife, happy life! In an exclusive sneak peek from this week’s episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, Pumpkin and her fiancé Josh meet with Ashley the wedding planner to go over expenses. However, once the prices start adding up, Josh makes a shocking confession. Watch the video above to see what he says!

It’s clear from the clip that Pumpkin is not pleased with Josh’s attitude. Her fiancé first shows up with sweat and dirt all over his face, so she calls him out for it. “We come to this nice place and you show up not only dirty, but you stink,” the 18-year-old tells her fiancé, to which he responds, “Yeah, probably because I work for a junkyard and not a perfume factory.” It’s already off to a great start!

Ashley starts going through the list of expenses for their wedding day and Pumpkin is loving it. “Well most people who are attracted to a venue like this definitely want to have an outdoor, glamorous wedding, but with a laid-back atmosphere,” Ashley explains. “We put bonfire pits out, you can have your DJ or your band outside, you can dance under the lights outside.” Pumpkin responds, “See that is beautiful… that’s gonna be nice.” But Josh has other plans.

“We’ll just plug a radio in,” he comments, and later adds, “We’ll tell everyone to BYOB,” after Ashley describes the all-inclusive packages. On top of that, Pumpkin and Josh can’t agree on the size of the cake, the guest list, or the price. “I actually think I passed out when that lady said $30,000,” Josh shares, right before dropping a HUGE bombshell: He might not be able to pay for it because he quit his job!

Tune in to Mama June: From Not To Hot on Friday at 9/8c on WeTV to see what goes down!

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