He’s come a long way. It looks like Big Brother star Mark Jansen wasn’t always as ripped as he is today! Though you probably know him as a personal trainer, after surprising pics of Mark pre-fame surfaced on reddit, you’ll see just how far he’s really come.

While Mark didn’t undergo a transformation on the CBS reality show, once you see his before-and-after snaps, you’ll have a grasp on just how much of a lifestyle change he went through! Watch the video below to see what he used to look like.

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Mark has opened up about his weight loss journey on the show. “I played football for a year at University Buffalo and I graduated. I was a big boy,” he’s said. “I weighed about 330-340 and then I knew I had to get in shape.”

Though he’s a tough guy in the gym, he’s a self-proclaimed teddy bear, too! “I’m a big teddy bear,” he added.  “I usually tell them, ‘Don’t tell anyone I said that’ because I like the whole tough guy persona but as soon as I smile, it’s hard to hide.”

Well, you look amazing, Mark! Keep it up!