The feud between Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford has been heating up all season on Married to Medicine and now the drama between these Bravo divas is trickling down among the group – namely, with Dr. Simone.

We all know that Mariah and Quad are never, ever getting back together – as BFFs that is. So when Dr. Simone tells Quad she wants to be friends with both her and Mariah, it strikes up a big argument.

"Simone, one day she’s on this side of the fence, the next day she’s on that side of the fence,” Quad explains to the camera. “Simone needs to get burned by Mariah so that she can see she is playing with fire. This is the only way that I think it going to get through that thick skull of hers."

In an explosive exclusive clip, Quad and Dr. Simone duke it out with a verbal smack down that will leave you pining for Sunday night, when an all new episode of Married to Medicine airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

“I feel sorry that Mariah is on a little island by herself,” Simone says on a girls’ night out in Atlanta.

“She’s putting herself on the island. Why do you feel sorry?” questions Quad.

“When you see people going down the wrong role, making mistakes, it’s sad!”

Quad isn’t so forgiving, telling Simone, “But once you’ve made mention of that to her and nothing has changed, why do you still feel sorry?”

Things turn up so much that the girls have to leave their table and take things outside – where Simone makes a shocking accusation about Quad: that she is holding her hostage!

“I feel in a lot of regard that you are holding me hostage with this relationship with Mariah,” Simone tells her frenemy.

“You do what you wanna do, Simone,” Quad dismisses.

“I feel like there is an underlying threat with our friendship,” Simone says in an interview. “By saying she will not be at the same event as Mariah, Quad is giving me a secret underlying ultimatum.”

“I don’t have a beef with Mariah. I’m not ready to cut her off,” Simone says to Mariah’s face. And with that, she walks off from Miss Webb-Lunceford.

Quad’s response? “Girl did you just walk off from me?”

Watch the clip below:

To see more of the action that goes down on Married to Medicine, tune in Sunday, June 29 at 9 p.m. on Bravo!