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Go Team? The Olsens Twins Legit Never Look Happier Than They Are at NBA Games

Spotting a photo of an Olsen twin where she’s showing genuine human emotion is noticably rare, which is why we always love to stumble on photos of Mary-Kate and Ashley smiling, especially when they’re at a basketball game. Seriously, that is a very true statement. See, these flickers of pure joy we get to see of the girls are like gifts from the gods for the twins who only say “prune” when posing for photos instead of showing any real emotion, and it just makes them seem like they’ve finally eked out a little happiness, a smidge of joy in their mainly Starbucks-and-cigarettes-and-fashion-scowls existences. And that’s really all we want for them after they spent nearly two decades secretly hating their whole career as actresses and sucking it up because they’d somehow become the leaders of a whole Olsen twin empire built on the backs of their movies, TV shows, detective books, and clothing line. Casual.

mary-kate and ashley olsen basketball

But what we noticed, flipping through photos of gloomy-looking Olsens for the rare gem that had them smiling (or, even laughing!), is that while they are rarely truly happy, they’re never happier than they are at a basketball game. And we know, we know, it’s like a celebrity right of passage to go to an NBA game and sit in the courtside seats with your current old man boyfriend of choice and idly text while all the action plays out just feet away from you, but MK and A take it further than that. They don’t just show up, they watch the game — and they don’t just watch the game, they get into it.

For people who we’ve seen act pretty detached from so much of their life, just grinning and bearing it through red carpet appearances, photoshoots, and interviews, they just look in the moment — excited. And we’re into it. We’ve never been huge sports fans (we won’t pretend that all of Khloé Kardashian’s cheating NBA exes are the cause, but we won’t say they weren’t either), but we can muster up some spirit for photos like these. Because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have never looked happier than they are at a basketball game — just see the pictures below for proof.