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Wait, Rewind, Like Every Mary-Kate and Ashley Movie Is Just a Carbon Copy

Chances are if you were a tween in the '90s — like long before "tween" was even terminology people used — your life was littered with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen videos. And though we definitely appreciated all those tone-deaf singalong offerings (dude, the You're Invited series was my jam) there was nothing more magical than taking a European adventure in an Olsen twin movie. Like…any Olsen twin movie.

Yeah, I might have some bad news for you dedicated Olsenites who have grown up thinking the twins were Oscar-worthy actresses and artists. The truth is that while longtime members of the fun club all have a favorite MK & A film, there really isn't a lot of differentiation between plots. The Dualstar franchise was basically built on reoccurring tropes, and from Passport to Paris to Winning London, that included a lot of sight-seeing, identity-switching, and of course, the occasional dead mother. Sorry, everyone, but it's true: Mary-Kate and Ashley aren't the only ones that are identical, their movies are a copy of a copy.

…and actually, Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal, but that's beside the point.

Scroll through to see some of the most common clichés in your favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley movies.