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Believe It or Not, There Are Adult Pics Where I Can Barely Tell the Olsens Apart

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were never actually identical twins, but there was a while there where they looked just about as identical as it comes. And yet, over the years, the Olsen twins grew apart. We don’t mean that they’re not as close as ever (because trust that we still rarely see one twin without the other), but they started to really try and distinguish themselve as individuals. MK started rocking a more fearless fashion sense. Ashley kept it more clean and classic. Beginning around 2003, they started to look like completely different people (you know what we mean), especially as their faces began to really change. Since they stopped acting and switched to fashion, it’s been pretty clear who exactly is Mary-Kate and who is Ashley. No tricks needed to pick out a freckle here or a dimple there or who’s pout is slightly more full, no style necessary to mark one as the girly-girl and one as the tomboy. 

Every now and then, though, we’ll still stumble across a picture that seems magical. Because sometimes, we’ll find a picture where the Olsen twins legit still look exactly like each other, and it’s a throwback to the Our Lips Are Sealed and It Takes Two days of nostalgia. If we can pin-point it, it seems the secret is that sometimes they both look like Ashleys — and other times, Ashley looks like she’s doing Mary-Kate cosplay. But either way, they take us back to the days of twin swaps and double trouble, and TBH, we miss those days — so we’ve rounded up all the photos we can find where MK+A still look legit identical. Check out the photos of the Olsens in twin-swapping style in the photos below.