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These Celebrity Couples’ Matching Tattoos Are So Clever, It’ll Be a Shame Once They Break Up

Celebrity relationships might not last long, but tattoos are forever (sort of). Of course, getting ink of each other’s names or initials is so old school — these days, loved ones want to get matching tattoos that are creative or meaningful, from poetic slogans to halves of missing hearts.

The rise of tiny tattoos has also made “coupled tats” even more popular, with people running out to get duplicate hearts or arrows or skulls inked on their fingers.

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However, as adorable and trendy as all this is, some couples won’t stay together and will eventually break up. What does that mean for these “forever” tattoos that are supposed to represent the failed relationship? For most people, that means the tattoo has to be covered up or removed completely.

Many stars have done this, the most recent being Kylie Jenner. Sure, fans all thought Kylie and Tyga would last forever, but they shocked everyone when they announced their split earlier this year. After her break up from Tyga, she had to quickly think of a way to cover up her lower case “t” tattoo that she had on her ankle. Her solution? She changed the “t” to “la,” for Los Angeles.

But that experience hasn’t soured Kylie on getting tattoos with her boyfriends. Shortly after her breakup, she ran out and got yet another tat — this time with current beau Travis Scott. The two both got matching butterflies on their ankles to represent their young love.

Will it last forever? Who knows, but if the relationship doesn’t work out, we’re sure Kylie can think of a plethora of other things she can change that butterfly tat into. She can also just get it lasered off like many other stars have done in the past.

Check out the gallery below to see other stars who got matching inks.