Written in partnership with Maria Williams

It is often stated that consistency is key. This adage applies to many aspects of life since consistency breeds habits, which eventually affect our output and performance. Mathieu Arseneault asserts that “consistency” separates successful individuals from those who give up on their aspirations. The one who is consistent in their work only strives to taste success in today’s competitive world.

Because he was determined to achieve what he had set out to pursue, Arseneault got reselected for the popular Quebec TV series that is scheduled to launch soon,” states his close associate. With a tremendous experience of over twenty years, Arseneault established himself as the number one agent in the most prominent real estate firm in Quebec. Arseneault today is mainly known for his creative genius, reflected in his works. Having been part of a competitive real estate world, his ability to create opportunities for his clients and followers has gained immense popularity.

Mathieu is a mentor, coach, and solution provider for real estate agents. He is seen as an inspiration for new and future real estate agents and as someone who can help both real estate professionals and other people. His multitextured personality is dynamic and stands out in the real estate industry,” states Arseneault’s marketing associate.

He was the first choice for a well-liked Quebec television program and the first person to use a helicopter to post a listing live. His popularity recently led to him being chosen again for the second season of the show.
Either we inspire others, or they inspire us.” Some people, in Arseneault’s words, “give you confidence; when you’re depressed, they cheer you up. Others, though, will drag you down. However, success only comes to those who have mastered the skill of uplifting others.” Abiding by two simple yet effective philosophies — “Persistence and Constancy” — Arseneault defines them together as a developing discipline that can be mastered over time. He frequently states, “Those who maintain discipline are rewarded with success because they harness lasting attention via determined work.”

About Mathieu Arseneault: After two decades in the industry, with over 5000 houses sold and having bagged the No. 1 broker tag in his lifetime, Arseneault today is much more than a real estate entrepreneur. His story of overcoming adversity and building a successful business is nothing short of amazing. Today, his experience lies in upholding a creative real estate knowledge that has garnered numerous young minds and won him several accolades.