That was definitely a low blow! Mel B walked off the stage on last night's episode of America's Got Talent after fellow judge — and AGT's resident meanie — Simon Cowell made a rude joke about her wedding night. It was a super insensitive comment — especially considering the former Spice Girls singer is going through a difficult divorce from her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte.

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It was a rough episode in general and many acts could not perform their very best since production was experiencing a lot of technical difficulties. That was the case for escape artist Demian Aditya when his death-defying stunt went wrong. For his trick, he was supposed to be nailed into a wooden coffin suspended over burning flames, and it was being held up by a rope that was slowly burning at one end. Once the flame burned through the rope, the coffin was supposed to drop to the ground where it would be engulfed in flames — except that didn't happen. The coffin did not drop the way it was supposed to and all of the judges were left unimpressed, and that's when Simon made his mean joke.

“I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night,” Simon said. “A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery.” Mel's jaw dropped in shock and in a very quick reaction, she grabbed a cup of ice water and threw it in Simon's face before storming off the set.

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Many fans reacted to the moment on Twitter, and a lot of them were taking Mel's side. "To be fair, [Simon] had it coming from [Mel B ] for that comment of his," one fan wrote, and another viewer tweeted, "If you know anything about her divorce, it wasn't funny."

That fan has a point. Mel's divorce is extremely messy and she's made allegations against her ex Stephen, claiming that he was abusive towards her. Back in 2015, Mel made an appearance on her previous show X Factor with visible bruises, and it's been speculated that they were a result of Stephen's alleged abuse.