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Michelle Duggar Basically Tries to Steal the Show at Her Daughters’ Weddings

If you're getting married anytime soon, make sure to keep Michelle Duggar off the guest list. The perma-grinned and perm-haired mom of 19 has a bad habit of trying to butt into the spotlight on her daughters' wedding day and needs constant praise from her husband just to keep her in check. Jealous much, girl?

It's definitely a common affliction by the women in the family, and it makes sense. If you're raised your entire life to be a wife and a breeder, if you wait for that one magical day where you can bone or even kiss someone else, your wedding day is going to be your peak. That's why all the girls reminisce about their special day on someone else's special day. (Don't get Jessa started.)

What's especially concerning here is that, you know…Michelle's a grown woman. She already lives a semi-charmed life waited on hand and foot by her brood. So it's ridiculous that she needs appeasing (usually from Jim Bob) every time her daughters get married, that she tries to subtly shift the attention back on her. Like, she can't even help herself outside the immediate family. Remember when she wore white (or come on, at least eggshell) to Cousin Amy's wedding? No shame, this one.

Anyway, because it's certainly the season, we're looking back on all the times Michelle basically stole the spotlight at a Duggar fam wedding. By the way, we're leaving Duggar daughters-in-law off this list because honestly, Michelle's reaction to human Cabbage Patch Kid twin Kendra Caldwell isn't really as shocking. Scroll down to unpack Michelle's tense behavior at Duggar family weddings.