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Liam Hemsworth Doesn’t Want to Be Called “Straight,” According to Girlfriend Miley Cyrus!

Who needs labels?! Miley Cyrus has always been open about her sexuality but what about her longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth?

The self-proclaimed pansexual revealed in her new interview with Billboard magazine that the Hunger Games star does not consider himself “straight.”

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“That really grosses me out. I always get in trouble for ­generalizing straight men, ’cause straight men can be my worst nightmare ­sometimes,” Miley said. “And I’m with a straight dude. But he’s always like, ‘Well, don’t call me that.'”

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She also went on to explain how she struggles with her own gender identity.

“I ask him sometimes, ‘Do you like being a boy?’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t really think about it,'” she added. “And that’s crazy to me because I think about being a girl all the time. I’m always like, ‘It’s weird that I’m a girl, because I just don’t feel like a girl, and I don’t feel like a boy. I just feel like nothing.’ So when someone’s too ­masculine, that really grosses me out.”

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Last year, Miley, 24, admitted her first relationship ever was with a girl.

“I always hated the word ‘bisexual,’ because that’s even putting me in a box,” she told Variety. “I don’t ever think about someone being a boy or someone being a girl … My eyes started opening in the fifth or sixth grade. My first relationship in my life was with a chick.”

As for Liam, 27, he embraces Miley’s happy hippie persona.

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“She’s a free spirit,” he previously told Fitness magazine. “I think she’ll always surprise people with what she does, but she’s not a malicious person in any way. She’s a young girl who wants to do what she wants to do.”

We love her too!

For a look at Miley and Liam’s cutest moments, check out the gallery below!