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7 Signs You’re the Mindy Lahiri of Your Office Holiday Party!

When it comes to office holiday parties, no one does it better than Mindy Lahiri. On The Mindy Project, Mindy is known for her love of all things Christmas (Wreath Witherspoon, anyone?) and when it comes to the seasonal festivities at your workplace, sometimes it pays off to channel your inner Mindy.

We mean, this is the same person who threw a Christmas party for her entire building just to get the attention of a guy! While we don’t expect you to do your own rendition of “Santa Baby” a la Mindy at your office holiday party, we do expect you to bring that same level of enthusiasm.

mindy project giphy

From decorations (don’t forget your Rihanna topper) to taking selfies with your cubicle mates, chances are you are more like Mindy than you realize. And just like Mindy, you usually end the night with a kiss — and hopefully a gingerbread cookie, too.

However, you know your holiday outfit is the most important part and plan it out months in advance. Salvador Perez, who is the costume designer for the Hulu show, explained the real Mindy Kaling‘s obsession with the themed episodes. “Every season we have done a Christmas episode, and we love doing themed costume changes the whole episode,” he said in 2014. “Mindy loves a holiday party, but we had done red dresses in the past, so I went green this time.” Just make sure your ensemble has room for a wine bra underneath!

So, in the words of Mindy, “I figure if I’m going to be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess.” Scroll through the gallery below for all the signs you are the Mindy of your holiday party!