Mara Wilson‘s claim to fame was as Robin Williams‘ six-year-old daughter Natalie in the hit ’90s movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Now, the former child star, 28, has returned to acting with a cameo in Comedy Central’s Broad City.

Mara played a waitress in the show about two best friends navigating life in New York in a scene that paid tribute to the movie. She landed the role after “meeting” co-creator and co-star Abbi Jacobson on Twitter (the other lead writer and actress is Ilana Glazer).

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Mara Wilson with Katie Couric.

“I said, ‘You know, if you want me to make a cameo or something on this, I totally would. I don’t act much, I don’t really like film or TV acting, but this would be really fun and I have a lot of respect for you two,'” Mara told the blog Brokelyn. “They were like, ‘Totally, we’d love to have you on.’ They were both really excited.”

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Mara, who is also known for the movie Matilda, says she’s tried to put her past as a child actress behind her, instead opting to write and act for theater in New York. But more recently, she’s adopted a different outlook.

“I went through a very long phase of trying to distance myself from it,” she shared. “But I’m always going to be associated with that image … So I’m working on embracing it.”